Two new VG 2 year olds at Cedarwal Farms

Jackman Babydust

Westcoast Aburn BDust 4061 goes VG 85 2YR! Continues a incredible line from the Quiet-Brook-D Babylust family. We are currently working with King Royal and Resolve daughters from Babydust. Look through our donor page to see more information on Babydust and her daughters.

Pictured is Blue-Horizon Jckmn Babydust, Dam of Westcoast Aburn Bdust 4061

Another exciting donor that went VG 85 2YR (VG 88 MS), was CEDARWAL SUPERSHOT BOOGIEBOARD – A Supershot daughter back to Regancrest-PR Barbie family. Boogieboard has a high Bandares daughter that we will be working with very soon.