New Donor Additions and updated Genomic list

Morningview Super Roxy-ET

MAD-WOLF DELCO ROBIN is a GTPI +2698 Delco daughter back to Morningview Super Roxy.
Delco x Yoder x Numero Uno.

Pictured is Morningview Super Roxy, 3rd dam of Robin


Ri-Val-Re Traci-ET

Pictured is Ri-Val-Re Traci-ET, dam of Samuri 20701

PEAK TRACI SAMURI 20701-ET is GTPI +2769 Samuri back to Ms Wlecome Colby Taya. Samuri x Delta x Embassy


Both heifers are have a little different pedigree make up and will work well in our program.

Check out their profiles on our donor page.



Our genomic list have been updated. Click the link below to see what we have coming down the pipeline.